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Exclusive to JAMA Members

Convergence Networks is offering JAMA Members: 

  • 10% discount on Managed IT and Cybersecurity Service Plans,
  • A One-time Free External Vulnerability Scan, and Dark Web Scan,
  • Exclusive member only access to events and additional promotions, and
  • Access to industry-specific Cybersecurity solutions.


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Technology and Cybersecurity play a vital role in driving the success of your business operations.

Businesses face increasing pressure to meet modern IT and cybersecurity requirements. Manufacturing businesses are particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks, yet many struggle to implement effective cybersecurity measures due to: lack of  awareness, limited resources, legacy systems, and the challenge of balancing cybersecurity with operational efficiency.

Additionally, businesses must ensure the security of their entire supply chain and keep up with complex and evolving regulatory compliance.

Overcoming these barriers is crucial for business leaders to strategically grow and protect operations, personal information, and intellectual property. At Convergence Networks, we aim to address these challenges and provide JAMA members with accessible solutions, creating a more secure business overall.

JAMA Member Benefits

10% Discount on Managed IT and Cybersecurity Plans

As a valued member of JAMA we are thrilled to offer you this exclusive discount on our Managed IT and Cybersecurity Plans. Gain peace of mind knowing that your IT infrastructure is in the hands of experts, and protect your valuable data from cyber threats.

One-time Free Vulnerability and Dark Web Scan

Detect vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them and gain a comprehensive understanding of the potentially sensitive information that might be accessible on the enigmatic dark web. With our cutting-edge one-time free scan, you can proactively uncover hidden weaknesses in your systems. 

Access to Industry Specific Cybersecurity Solutions

Get access to our team of highly skilled and industry-leading cybersecurity experts who possess a wealth of experience in delivering tailored cybersecurity solutions specifically designed for Michigan Manufacturers.

About Convergence Networks

For over 20 years Convergence Networks has been setting the bar and leading by example in IT and cybersecurity, empowering your people and your business to leverage technology securely and meet compliance requirements. With the introduction of cybersecurity mandates, business leaders find themselves in new territory, facing difficult decisions about strategic priorities, cybersecurity needs, remote work demands and budget uncertainties.

Convergence knows what you’re dealing with: we've helped Michigan-based businesses navigate these unique IT and cybersecurity challenges for years and you can trust us to help chart your path. Whether you are looking to co-manage or fully outsource your technology services, or deploy a robust cybersecurity program, Convergence will meet your business needs and be your guide as new industry requirements and demands happen.

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